six reasons you shouldn’t listen to the healthy home economist

I was linked to this article today, titled Six Reasons To Say NO to Vaccination. Its a stretch to call these ‘reasons’, but they are great examples of the kind of emotional decision making that is rampant in Natural Child Birth circles. Reason number one:

#1:   Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t Be Trusted

She goes on to list a bunch of things that pharmaceutical companies have done wrong. I agree that there are many problems with the pharmaceutical industry. That is not as evidence that vaccines are problematic.

Last time I went to Ikea I noticed a recall notice for a tea cup. Apparently it can explode if you put something too hot inside the cup.  It would not be reasonable to believe that the entire company makes dangerous products based off the recall of the cup. It would be even less reasonable to assume the entire industry was guilty by association, or that I should be fearful of teacups in general. Each claim and product can be evaluated on its own merit.

#2:   ALL Vaccines are Loaded with Chemicals and other Poisons 

Everything is a chemical. Literally. Its a meaningless descriptor in this context, so is the use of the word ‘poisons’.  She lists ingredients in vaccines, then lists a non-vaccine usage of the ingredient to prey on the fears of people who are ignorant of chemistry.  An ingredient having multiple uses does not prove that it is harmful or poisonous. She also ignores the issue of dosage- the ingredients she is describing are in extremely tiny quantities.

#3:   Fully Vaccinated Children are the Unhealthiest, Most Chronically Ill Children I Know

I don’t really care if the healthiest people I know are vaccinated or not, because it proves nothing about the truth of the matter. I care about finding tangible evidence of vaccines causing ill-health. That is why studies are performed on large numbers of people and with accountability for results and peer review- its what people do when they are interested in finding out the truth.

#4:   Other Countries Are Waking Up to the Dangers of Vaccines – 

If Other Countries jumped off a bridge, would you???

#5:   A Number of Vaccines Have Already Had Problems/Been Removed from the Market 

Again, every vaccine can be evaluated on its own merit. A problem with vaccine A does not mean vaccine B, C, D, etc have the same problem. There is a lot of black and white thinking going on in the post.

#6   You Can Always Get Vaccinated, But You Can Never Undo a Vaccination 

…but vaccines are a preventative measure, so you can’t always get vaccinated in time. There is also the fact that a lot of vaccines wear off and have to be given repeatedly to offer protection. That is a vaccine being ‘undone’ in the sense that it is no longer effective.


These are the same people who are constantly telling women to ignore their doctors advice, calling it ‘scare mongering’. Believing that there is a vast corporate and government conspiracy in place to sicken children for profit is seen as a legitimate fear, but contracting a preventable disease is not.  There is considerable overlap between people who are anti-vaccine and pro-natural child birth. This should be a huge red flag to anyone considering using direct entry midwives for their birth. They may believe that vaccines are poison and that they don’t need to be vaccinated (despite working around pregnant women and infants, who could be severely negatively impacted by contracting a disease like influenza or measles).  A midwife at the birth center I went to was not informed about vaccines and seemed to be against them, it was a nagging doubt that I should not have ignored.  It is further evidence that lay midwives are not medical professionals because they are ignorant of and in opposition to preventative medical care. Some will outright tell their patients not to vaccinate their children. Recommendations about vaccines are way outside the scope of practice for a direct entry midwife, so they should really stop.


9 thoughts on “six reasons you shouldn’t listen to the healthy home economist”

  1. This issue makes me absolutely crazy. I’m a labor & delivery nurse in a city experiencing an epidemic of whooping cough. I have to combat the “anti-vaccination mentality” all the time. I just don’t get it. It’s playing Russian Roulette with your kids health. And most of these parents are vaccinated themselves. I for one am all for preventing major and potentially life-threatening or debilatating illnesses in my children. I know they would probably survive chicken pox, but dear lord, why put them through the misery? I had it, it was awful. And there are longer term consequences for lack of vaccination even if they make it healthily through childhood without ever contracting them. For example…If an adult pregnant woman contracts Rubella or Chicken Pox during pregnancy, the effects on the unborn child are devastating. Just look up “blue berry muffin syndrome”. It’s awful. The truth is that we are arrogant and naive. We live in a world where thanks to modern medicine most of these diseases are rare. But they won’t be for long if the anti-vax campaign continues brainwashing people into stupidity about the health of our children. I despise when they discuss how everything should be “natural”. Well, guess what else is “natural”…..death. And we’ll be seeing a lot more of it if people don’t wake up. And i for one, am not interested in watching my precious children die from totally preventable diseases.

  2. Thank you for this. 🙂 I have friends, very influential friends, who constantly link to HHE posts on Facebook… they’ve actually convinced naive, young women to stop drinking anything pasteurized, to consider not vaccinating their children, and to put their young children on a paleo diet. As if her “researched” assertions aren’t dangerous enough, it has a trickle down effect with her influential disciples. I feel the need to do something but don’t quite know where to start. I have a humorous blog… so maybe something there. I’m bookmarking this just in case. Thanks again. -Helen

    1. as far as I know you can link to it by just copying the URL from my page. let me know if there are problems (I’ll consult my spouse who works in IT to fix any issues). thank you for taking time out of your day to talk about this issue with your representatives.

  3. This is stupid. I’m on the fence on the vaccinations issue and this article may have just pushed me to the other side. How illogical and un factual.

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