Another difference between midwives and OBGYNs

…an OBGYN can’t just dump you from care in your third trimester without helping you find a new care provider.  Actual health care professionals have an obligation to do what is best for the patient, and that includes not leaving them to their own devices when they are unlikely to be accepted as a patient by someone else. I found an article about a woman who got abruptly dumped by midwives during her pregnancy, and they refused to help her find a care provider.

The funny thing is, my entire pregnancy had been riddled with series of let-downs and deflated dreams. Getting kicked out by the birthing center was just another hole in the fantasy I’d built about pregnancy. And I did not even end up having the blissful, natural childbirth I assumed I would. In fact almost everything on the well thought-out, seemingly mild birth plan we naively handed to our labor team, went out the window. But interestingly, by the end of it all, I did feel empowered.


They knew it was hard to find an OB in the last trimester, but did not do any work to help her.  Could they have dumped her the day before her due date? I’m sure they could have. The problem with this case is compounded by the fact that the mother was suffering from depression and other mood problems. She was extremely vulnerable and the midwives washed their hands of accountability for her care. She was able to stand up for herself and find an OB, but who knows if the next woman will?

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