Justice for Vylette

Justice for Vylette

These stories are everywhere- it seems like the only recourse american women have after suffering from midwifery related negligence is to tell their story online to prevent other people from being hurt by specific midwives. It is damage control, not prevention. I am planning on pulling together a state-by-state resource list for concerned citizens to try and organize around the cause of holding midwives accountable to the public. Here is the beginning of Vylette’s birth story, available on the facebook page:

my absolutely perfect baby from my perfect pregnancy was murdered by the negligence of my midwives ASYA PORTNAYA & YULIYA MILSHTEYN of The Brooklyn Birthing Center ( http://www.brooklynbirthingcenter.com/ ). also doula London King ( http://www.pushlove.com/ ). they delayed me for hours so much so that my baby was trapped in my birth canal and suffered lack of oxygen to her brain. they did not believe me when i told them my contractions were 2 min apart for HOURS.

I took a look at the brooklyn birth centers webpage, and they still recommend the doula involved in this preventable perinatal death. I sent them an email asking why, considering the information available online about what happened there. You can email them too at info@brooklynbirthingcenter.com. My heart aches for this family.

The midwives in this story were a lot like the one I dealt with- it seems like when midwives just don’t want to deal with a patient they say whatever they can to get out of being responsible for the births they agreed to attend. The mother of Vylette believes that since it was thanksgiving weekend she was blown off by people who agreed to care for her during her labor. It is shameful. Do you think the midwives were even sorry? Of course not. They just moved on like nothing happened and had nothing to say to the woman who had to bury her daughter:

 her name is Vylette Moon and though she was here for such a short time she was very loved by all who saw her. except the midwives.. they never spoke to me again. stopped all contact and ran me in circles when i tried to obtain my medical records they are evil.i was supposed to birth at the Brooklyn birthing centerthe midwives were ASYA PORTNAYA and YULIYA MILSHTEYN. i believe they are currently still delivering babies. it makes me so sick.

The organizer of Justice for Vylette (Vylette’s mom) encourages people to share this story with anyone who is interested. I looked up her midwives on healthgrades, and neither Yuliua Milshteyn or Asya Portnaya have any record of a sanction or malpractice suit available online. Vylette’s mother did a very good job of publicizing these events so that anyone researching these midwives will find the story of what happened, but again that isn’t what I would call “justice”. I admire her strength in telling her story despite the pain of the loss of her daughter.

I am not sure if Vylette’s mother tried to report these women to the licensing board or not (both are CNMs) but I am going to contact her to see if I can help get anything done for her case. Please share or like her facebook page to show support.

UPDATE 1-16-14

I contacted Vylette’s mother through facebook and gave her the contact information for the complaints department of the new york licensing board. It was weirdly hard to find. Hopefully she will be able to put a mark on these women’s records (or perhaps cause them to lose their RN licenses).


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