A preventable home birth death- Possibly in Utah

Midwives routinely practice outside of their scope, and publicly discuss doing so. I cannot count the number of times I have seen this behavior on facebook alone!

Safer Midwifery in Utah

UDATE 1- Oregon does not require a license, but has strict requirements on unlicensed midwives that warn clients of how unaccountable and untrained they are. Other people have said this was Jan’s client, but her midwifery today profile says she stopped practicing decades ago. I am trying to get some clarity on where this death occurred and if Jan Tritten was attending it or not.

UPDATE 2: Because of the wording of the facebook thread, I am going to assume it was Jan Tritten’s client and edit my post accordingly.

UPDATE 3: Jan Tritten had this to say after deleting the thread on facebook:

questions on this page are messaged privately to me and put up
anonymously. They are not my cases. This is to help mothers, midwives,
doulas and physicians in their work. it is to get opinions from many
different practitioners and parents.”

I found a link…

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