Menstruate the ancient way- without fear!

This is my parody blog. I hope you all enjoy it!

Menstruate Without Fear

Menstruation. The word provokes a lot of imagery for women. There is blood, and pain, and angst. Big Tampon would have you believe you need their products to feel free during your period, but they are ignoring an ancient wisdom that protected women for generations. Fear is what causes pain during menstruation, not uterine contractions.

It sounds hard to believe, I know! I was skeptical until I read the work of Chancely Tick-Feed,  a gynecologist from the turn of the century. He described, in detail, how women could optimally menstruate and avoid the pain usually associated with intense uterine contractions. He wrote a book called “Menstruation Without Fear”,  which I read, and then I tried it myself. I was amazed! Not only was my period no longer painful, it was an empowering experience. Image feeling empowered every single month.

Tampon commercials have us fear our natural bodies. Western ideas…

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