The first rule of Midwifery is YOU DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS.

The first rule of Midwifery is YOU DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS.

Midwifery Today has had to respond to the #notburiedtwice campaign regarding a preventable infant death.

The editor and owner of Midwifery Today crowdsourced a patient problem on face book- a mom that was past 42 weeks and had no amniotic fluid visible on ultrasound. Both of those things are extremely obvious warning signs of impending fetal mortality, but no one actually did anything and the baby died as a result.

As you can see from the screencap, they blamed a physician (who shall not be named) and are promising to delete any further questions about the matter.

You aren’t allowed to question them. Someone’s child died, and they can’t be bothered to even answer questions about accountability in the matter. Its despicable.

I was willing to believe before that Jan Tritten wasn’t directly involved, but not now. Not after they invented a mystery physician who would have done nothing about a total lack of amniotic fluid on an ultrasound. Midwifery today obviously does not think very highly of their readers to think that they would accept this story as being true.

What I don’t understand is that if a physician was attending to this matter why on earth would the midwife be crowdsourcing the problem in the first place? She already had access to someone with much more training and experience than she did in the matter, who she could (presumably) talk to on the phone or in person to get in depth answers about her concerns. Why would she turn to a bunch of strangers on the internet to get suggestions?

The thing about telling the truth is that all the details fall into place without any effort. Your mind knows the truth and defers to it without trying to. When you lie you have to come up with excuse after excuse to explain the gap in evidence between what really happened and your own story, and thats how everyone finds out. It is a lot easier to fess up to what happened and deal with it than to try and bury the truth under falsehoods. If Midwifery Today thinks they aren’t going to get caught lying, they are mistaken.

EDITED TO ADD: An astute poster on facebook pointed out how nonsensical it would be for a midwife to point out that their state has ‘full autonomy’ for midwives an no transfer mandates past 42 weeks if a physician was attending this patient.

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