Calling out a negligent Midwife

Here is a revealing exchange between a midwife (Brenda Ann Scarpino Newport) who is responsible for a preventable death and the grieving mother. It seems to me like the midwife is trying to convince herself as much as the mom that nothing could have been done to save the baby, despite what the medical examiners said. The gaslighting and guilt tripping placed on the mom is familiar to me because of my experience in reporting abuse by a midwife to a birth center. It seems like this is standard operating procedure for midwives who screw up. I would be amazed if I saw one who took responsibility, apologized, and stopped practicing. The mother is a brave woman who fights on behalf of her daughter to make sure she did not die in vain. Please follow and support her blog if you want insights from a loss mother about NCB and out of hospital births.


What can you do when your child dies due to a midwife’s negligence?

Let’s see, we attempted to consult a lawyer only to have nobody want to help because midwives don’t carry insurance.
The police wanted to charge her with Negligent Homicide, but the detective refused to go on a “witch hunt”.
The midwife review board did nothing but give us shit. Funny enough, they also have sat idly by while multiple babies die under her care.
A reporter was going to help us but after an interview, we never heard from him again.

After much thought I am going to publicly share the emails and as much info as I can dig up.

Email 1

There is alot of mis-truths on this. A Baby born at 37 weeks is not pre-mature by anyones standards, not even the medical community. Respitory distress is a common label for any reason the…

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