how midwives manage a retained placenta

When a woman retains the placenta long after the birth of a baby, the risk of serious bleeding increases. Blood products obviously are not on hand at a home birth, so it can be a very dangerous situation. Hospitals and nurse midwives usually manage this problem with drugs, and in some cases manual removal of the placenta.  Jan Tritten crowd sourced a solution for this issue, even after her last crowd sourcing adventure killed someone.

What would a direct entry midwife do in such a situation?

She could pour pepper on you.

retained placenta

If that doesn’t work, she could feed you some chocolate.

retained placenta two

If that doesn’t work, she might talk to the placenta and acknowledge its “intelligence”

retained placental intelligence

If that doesn’t work, she might advise you to gag on your own hair or to compliment you until your placenta comes out

retained placenta braids and compliments

The vast majority said “just wait it out”, and literally only one person talked about this matter with any medical terminology or advice at all. Only one.

These women are quacks and have no idea what the hell they are doing. I can’t illustrate it better than by posting their own words.

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