More dr amy tuteur hypocrisy

Her most recent piece is called “A healthy baby is not all that matters. Who ever said it was?”


Uh, YOU did. repeatedly.


“I had a c-section and all I got is a healthy baby (complete with a toddler crying as the main graphic)”


I can’t count the number of articles by Dr Amy Tutuer that say something similar to the above- your baby lived, why do you care about anything else? She expresses the idea that moms who were traumatized by c/s or hospital birth or an OBGYN should just shut up because at least their babies didn’t die, as if life long psychological damge is somehow considered the price of¬†having a healthy baby, when in reality neither thing is in conflict with the other. She spews this hate towards traumatized hospital birthing mothers while also trying to promote the idea that she cares deeply about patient autonomy and consent. I can’t figure out if she is disingenuous or just clueless and hypocritical.

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