No, radical feminists did not hijack midwifery

Dr Amy Tutuer has once again strayed far outside her area of expertise to say that radical feminists are at fault for the current natural child birth debacle. No real evidence is provided of that assertion throughout the post, and in fact radical feminists have been the most supportive of my message out of all the different types of feminists I have talked to. I am an avid reader of feminist literature, including books by many radical feminist authors (Andrea Dworkin, Catherine McKinnon, Susan Brownmiller, Sheila Jeffreys, etc) and have seen no support for Dr Amy’s assertions about radical feminist support for underqualified midwives in home births. Her understanding of the humanities is lacking (you can tell when she discusses issues like trigger warnings for abuse survivors, white privilege, rape, and LGBT parents) and I wish she would just stop talking about things she doesn’t know much about. She has a lot of great knowledge about obstetrics and gynecology that needs sharing, when she decides to say ignorant things it makes her extremely easy to dismiss.

If anything, it seems to me like liberal feminists are the ones who are into “crunchy” things like home birth. They have many belief systems that rely just on how a woman thinks or identifies instead of on concrete, reality based observations.

I’ve pointed out before that midwives aren’t feminists, they just use feminist rhetoric to get clients. They will use ANY rhetoric that gets them clients, because at their core these women are either con artists or akin to a deluded cult member. A con artist knows they are scamming someone, and a cult member is so blinded by delusion that they think its okay to lie for it. Anyone familiar with home birth knows that there are extreme left wing and extreme right wing people involved who have found common ground on a few issues (usually home birth and vaccinations) in which to bond over.


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