Dr Amy understands that deleting facebook questions is evidence of guilt…

Dr Amy understands that deleting facebook questions is evidence of guilt…

…But when she deletes the questions on her facebook group asking her to clarify her position on date rape its fine?


I emailed dr amy to ask why someone so anti-censorship deleted a post. Her response is that I am a  “huge jerk”, so that justifies censorship, apparently. Just keep that in mind every time Dr Amy claims that people who delete tough questions are cowards or guilty; she does the same exact thing when she makes a mistake, and if I am a ‘huge jerk’ for making a big deal about rape apologetics being endorsed then I guess she is the Hugest Jerk Ever for the things she writes. 

VBAC deaths are a terrible outcome of natural childbirth ideology. The outcome of blaming rape victims (which sometimes means suicide) is also a cause for moral concern. Important issues deserve thoughtful discussion and truthfulness, not misdirection and evasion. The Skeptical OB writes about a lot more than obstetrics and home birth, there are discussions of violence against women, racism, parenting, etc. There is no reason for this to go unanswered for so long. It reflects poorly on her personal integrity to throw so many women under the bus by failing to address concerns that many members of her own community brought to her attention. Step up already and just answer the question. You can ask dr amy about her position on rape by contacting her on facebook.



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