Why Birth Centers Are Bullsh!t

I can think of many reasons someone would not want to give birth at home or the hospital, I am surprised a doula has trouble imagining reasons while regularly working with people who want a NCB. She got one thing right though- there is no difference in risk between a free standing birth center and a home birth.

Doula, Anonymous.

Now, of-fucking-course, not ALL birth centers are bullshit. There are amazing midwives in amazing birth centers that are bringing healthcare and safety in birth to communities of women who have never known such a luxury.

This post is not about THOSE birth centers.

This post is not to judge mothers who choose to birth in birth centers simply for the jetted tubs or the peace and fucking quiet. If you birthed in a birth center and are triggered by this post: check your shit at the door and calm the hell down. This isn’t about you.

This post is a rant about the for-profit birth resorts that act as a “middle ground” for upper middle class white people who are “too scared” to have home births and don’t want to birth in hospitals.

And all too often it is the woman who desires a home birth, the father who ignorantly…

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