There is a reason the home birth fatality map has been neglected for so long

I have been making updates to the map because some people have taken it upon themselves to personally email me home birth fatalities and I felt compelled to update the map in a timely manner. I have also started to look for more documented accounts that have the year and location of the deaths so they can be recorded on the map, and its exhausting.

This is one of the worst ones I have found. This midwife managed to kill 2 babies within a 6 month period by taking patients with multiple dangerous risk factors and then did not transfer for footling breech presentation. twice. Her name is Kristina Zittle and you should be afraid if she can jump ship to another state and start delivering babies there.

Another case on findlaw details a long history of negligence from a home birth midwife that is also a nurse. She continued to practice after her license was suspended because hey- you don’t have to be a nurse to deliver babies in most states. Abigail Odam should never be allowed to deliver babies after the things she has done.

It is hard to read about so many deaths, especially ones that lack enough details for me to place them on the map anywhere.

If you know of any deaths I may have missed please email me at skeptifemblog@gmail

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