Home birth gurus on facebook part 1

ina may

We start today with the home birth guru Ina May Gaskin and her advice about the vaccine, Gardisil.

Ina may says “Here’s a vaccine that should have never made it onto the market. I’ve read too many of these reports.”

Too bad she hasn’t bothered to fact check the reports she has read, as the source material says that the girl’s autopsy was inconclusive. There is no evidence that the shot killed her. No one knows what did. All we have is one data point of correlation. Oops! I just hope no one ends up with cancer because they listened to her quackery.

Secondly, we have Gloria Lemay:

gloria lemay

“One of the big problems that we have in sorting out cesarean birth stories is that doctors lie to the family/midwife about the “justification” for the c/section in order to avoid criticism and/or lawsuits. The stories always have to be highly dramatic.”

It isn’t as though Lemay is talking about sorting out the data from the doctors or reports, she is talking about sorting out the details based on what the family says. She figures if there is a lot of dramatic explanation the family must have been lied to by doctors.

This is an occam’s razor situation- the likely explanation is that if they are talking to Gloria Lemay and said they had a c-section, she is going to criticize them for their medical decision and therefore the details might get fudged a bit just to get her to shut up about it. I know I would be tempted. Its really none of her business, until she gets an adequate education and presents some type of actual need to dissect if a c/section was “really” needed or not.

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