Home Birth fatalities- a growing trend in Hawaii

Is Home Birth Safe? is a new blog about home birth safety, and they found an article about the trend of home births (and subsequent, preventable fatalities) in Hawaii:

“One obstetrician said that Wednesday’s death had taken a toll on hospital staff, especially because of the fact that it was another in a disturbing trend.”

“’This is an ongoing problem here. … Within the last five years, I’ve seen at least three dead babies from home births, and just a week ago I took care of a patient who nearly bled to death after a home birth,’ the doctor said. ‘All of the obstetricians here have had similar experiences. And in all of these situations, the standard of care of obstetric practice was not followed by the practitioners. I believe that all of these bad outcomes could have been avoided if good practice patterns were actually followed.’”


2 thoughts on “Home Birth fatalities- a growing trend in Hawaii”

  1. Bizzie Gold is the most prominent figure in celebrity culture that has been public about her experience with a lay midwife. Gold’s birth was attended by a lay MW in Hawaii (hospital transfer, but not soon enough) and her child had a birth injury as a result of negligence.

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