Q: Do you think home birth should be illegal?

A: No.

Q: Are you against home birth?

A: I am against people choosing home birth when they have been given inaccurate information about the associated risks. I am against people who attend home births being inadequately trained. I am against home birth midwives not carrying insurance to compensate the victims of their mistakes.

Q: Do you think hospitals (or hospital births) are awesome?
A: No. I worked in a few different hospitals in patient care for a number of years, and I know patient abuses are rampant. They are rampant in midwifery care as well, despite what anyone would have you believe. The only real difference is in statistical measures of outcomes, and the degree of accountability on the part of the doctor, nurse midwife, or midwife.

Q: Why is it important to blog about leaving Natural Childbirth advocacy?

A: A lot of important insights can be gained by talking to ex-members of any group. Finding out why people leave a group can provide important insights for people considering joining a group or ascribing to its ideas.  It will not necessarily make people draw the same conclusion as the ex-member, but it is still a good place to start for critical questions. Someone who was already involved knows more about it than someone who never was. Someone who has already left is more critical than someone still involved.

Q: Why call it ‘ex home birthers’ when you used a free standing birth center?

A: Okay, so I didn’t try for a homebirth specifially (mostly because I don’t like my house that much, remodeling it yourself makes you hyper-aware of the flaws!!!), but I did try for an out of hospital birth at a free standing birth center, which had midwives that did homebirth as well.  Ex-natural-childbirth-advocates.wordpress.com  or ex-direct-entry-midwife-patients.wordpress.com seemed a bit too wordy!


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