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I never thought in a million years I would ever have to string together the words “DO NOT TRIP ON MUSHROOMS DURING CHILD BIRTH”, but here we are. The lunacy of natural child birth “professionals” has hit a new high today (see what I did there?):

trip on mushrooms when you give birth

“Does anyone have experience/knowledge about the use of psychadelics in labor? Small doses of psilocybin (mushrooms) in early labor. (Also curious about the use of peyote, ayahuasca, LSD, and DMT.) I’m info-starved on the matter. Please PM me with info if you would not like to share publicly. Thanks.”

A pregnant birth photographer is posting this inquiry to a birth professionals group. I hope she does not plan to use illegal drugs during labor.

Someone replies “Gals I wish we would distinguish known potential harmful synthetic or planet based products from plants etc… we are missing it all and it is becoming very confusing”.

There are deadly plants and harmless synthetic chemicals. Since all of these substances are illegal in the USA it is literally impossible for consumers to know what they will be getting when they decide to trip. This isn’t discussed at all. What is discussed, however, is mandatory drug testing in hospitals and how that would make it a bad idea. I wish I were making this up, but the same women who believe that epidurals and ultrasounds cause autism and c-sections decided to have a lively chat about how super it would be to take illegal drugs to enhance their labor experience.

Another poster writes “Check out this interview with midwife Katsi Cook, she speaks about the use of peyote in childbirth by Native American women, and how this use is traditionally not spoken or written of.” She goes on to say how using peyote has caused people to have really “great experiences” while giving birth.

It is hard to quantify what percentage of hallucinogen experiences are considered to be positive (or what factors cause drug users to view the experience that way). It is easy to demonstrate that its a gamble by reading experiences from drug users themselves on websites such as erowid. You could have the most horrifying experience of your life, a great time, or something in between when experimenting with these drugs.

If anyone reading this is seriously contemplating using hallucinogens during their labor- please don’t. It could harm you or your baby, or cause them to be taken away by CPS while you get charged with a crime. This is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard of in my life.