Leaving NCB

I’ve had absolutely horrible experiences with childbirth, and midwives in particular. (here is a link to the story for anyone who is interested). Luckily my child and I made it out alive, though I was very damaged psychologically by the experience. I may have been damaged physically too, I don’t know for sure because I am too afraid of medical examinations to obtain follow up care. I don’t know when I will be ready.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the Natural Childbirth/Home Birth movement, and what could have been done to spare me from making such a horrible mistake. I wasn’t open to talking about my choice to use a birth center and direct entry midwives, and I was very sensitive about it during my pregnancy. I felt that a lot of the anti NCB/homebirth websites were cruel, and I still have that impression from time to time. Midwives and NCB advocates have their own cruelties in their communities as well, though I did not recognize them as cruelties until later on. Hindsight is 20/20.

People who used to be a part of NCB and left aren’t visible in anti-NCB circles (unless of course they lost their child). People like me can offer understanding and perspective to mothers considering midwives or NCB. I don’t judge anyone for picking homebirth or midwives, I have an intimate understanding of the reasons women choose NCB because I chose it. This blog will be a safe place for mothers or moms to be to explore their feelings and options. I hope I spare someone else the trouble that I ended up going through as a result of the natural childbirth movement.


…a space for people who left NCB