Reporting a midwife

I’m attempting to assemble information about reporting a midwife (direct entry or CNM) for misconduct or negligence. The guide will be USA only at first, and I will list the states alphabetically. This page is currently a work in progress.

A word about reporting midwives- as someone who has done virtually everything possible to report a midwife, I need to caution women who attempt it to expect little or nothing to come of it. That does not mean it is not worth trying, or that I discourage reporting. I feel that it would be dishonest to give this information out without  giving realistic expectations of what will happen if you report.  Many women have tried, very few have succeeded.

There seems to be more success in securing action via the legal system or licensing boards instead of through midwife-run boards or associations.

The reason I reported was so that I could maybe prevent someone from going through what I had in the future. To me, that was a good enough reason to try. For others, it may not be. That is okay, you do not have any obligation to do more than you are capable of. It is very taxing to be shot down by everyone you reach out to, and if a mother does not have the resources (emotionally, financially, socially, etc) to attempt it there will be no judgment of her here.


Direct Entry Midwives are not legislated by the state of Alabama. If they kill or injure someone negligently the police will need to be contacted.

CNMs are licensed and disciplined by the Alabama Board of Nursing. Complaints can be filed here.


Direct Entry Midwives require a license through the state to legally practice.  Midwives must also be free of disciplinary charges that arose in other states, so if you know of a midwife who had problems and moved to alaska to practice you may also report them as well. Reporting a direct entry midwife in alaska has to be done by downloading a form (click the link under the “contact us” heading) and sending it to the address listed.  The statues about midwives in alaska are strict- they call for disciplinary action even if harm did not result from a negligent practice.

CNMs are overseen by the same body as direct entry midwives, and the process for filing a complaint is the same.


Direct Entry Midwives are required to have a license to practice by the state of Arizona. You can report a midwife here.

CNMs are licensed through the board of nursing. Complaints can be made here.


Direct entry midwives– they are supposed to be licensed and need to have passed the NARM exam. Patients are required to see a physician for two visits and a back up plan must be filed with the health department. Here is a pdf that goes through the many ways a direct entry midwife can lose her license– you will notice that giving out misleading information is one of the grounds, an offense which almost every home birth midwife is guilty of. The document says the division will investigate complaints but does not have any information on how to file a complaint, and I failed to find that information in my search. You can call the health department at 1-501-661-2000 or 1-800-462-0599. The main website is here.

CNMs– The Arkansas nursing board has a web page with information on the various ways to file a complaint against a nurse.


Direct Entry Midwives– It is illegal to practice in California without a license. Complaints about a midwife acting with or without a license can be made here.

CNMs– You can file a complaint with the California Board of Nursing by clicking here.


Direct Entry Midwives– Colorado requires a license to practice as a direct entry midwife. You can being the complaint process by clicking here.

CNMsyou can begin the complaint process by clicking here.


Direct Entry Midwives– there is not any legislation to regulate direct entry midwives in the state of Connecticut.  The police are an alternate avenue to have negligence claims addressed.

CNMscomplaints can be made here.


Direct Entry Midwives– Delaware requires licensing for anyone who wishes to practice as a non-nurse midwife. There are fines for anyone who practices without the license (which requires a collaborative agreement with a physician). You can file a complaint here.

CNMsyou can file a complaint here.



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