I find this a bit dishonest….

The skeptical OB is complaining about a woman who had a HBAC (home birth after cesarean), whose child ended up with a clavicle fracture.

When I was working at a major hospital in our state, I had free access to treatment protocols for virtually any situation. I read many of the ones that were maternity care related. The protocols for shoulder dystocia (which is what the HBAC mom likely experienced) can be resolved a couple of ways, but the last ditch effort is for a physician to literally break the clavicle on purpose. You can see intentional clavicle fracture as a treatment opinion on this wikipedia article, as well as several other places online.

The only time Dr Amy hints at the fact that physicians use intentional fracture as a last ditch effort is to say that the baby “might have” avoided the fracture in hospital. Its a glaring omission.

Home birth and natural child birth advocates do and say a lot of deplorable things. There is no need to make shit up.