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Open Letter to MANA

Remember when MANA refused to change their practice guidelines in light of their own research that showed home birth to be incredibly dangerous for high risk pregnancies? It turns out MANA will change their guidelines, just not in a way that has anything to do with the safety of mothers or babies. They have recently made the change of removing the word “woman” and replacing it with “pregnant individual”. If you had assumed they were too lazy to change their documents you were wrong, they simply don’t care if you or your child dies in a home birth. Anything for “the cause” of birth at home, I suppose.

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Please email to sign-on to this open letter:

Open Letter to the Midwives Alliance of North America regarding the recent revisions to the organization’s standing Core Competencies Document:

August 20, 2015

Dear Midwives Alliance of North America Board of Directors and MANA Membership:

We are writing in response to your revisions of the MANA Core Competencies. MANA’s attempts at inclusivity are commendable in today’s complex world. We are concerned, however, by accelerating trends in our culture to deny material biological reality and further disconnect ourselves from nature, and the ways in which the revisions may support these trends. Midwives have long practiced the precautionary principle, counseling against the adoption of technologies and theories that have not been proven safe or beneficial to mothers and babies, and by extension, the entire human community. We respectfully ask the MANA board to reverse the 2014 revisions and consider the ways in which…

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Home Birth fatalities- a growing trend in Hawaii

Is Home Birth Safe? is a new blog about home birth safety, and they found an article about the trend of home births (and subsequent, preventable fatalities) in Hawaii:

“One obstetrician said that Wednesday’s death had taken a toll on hospital staff, especially because of the fact that it was another in a disturbing trend.”

“’This is an ongoing problem here. … Within the last five years, I’ve seen at least three dead babies from home births, and just a week ago I took care of a patient who nearly bled to death after a home birth,’ the doctor said. ‘All of the obstetricians here have had similar experiences. And in all of these situations, the standard of care of obstetric practice was not followed by the practitioners. I believe that all of these bad outcomes could have been avoided if good practice patterns were actually followed.’”

sexual perversion and midwifery

Shame On Better Birth

I was sexually assaulted at Better Birth during my labor. Later on another woman sent me a report of being sexually assaulted during her labor at Better Birth of Utah, indicating that she experienced the exact same thing that I had. I also got reports from my wordpress statistics website that indicated that midwives and doulas have touched clients inappropriately, and women searching for answers about their own birth experiences landed here as a result. All of us had the same story, all of us had our clitoris rubbed in a sexually purposeful manner by a supposed birth “professional”. 

It would be easy to believe that this is just an isolated incident, a pocket of perverse behavior on the part of midwives, but it is hard for me to accept that in light of the information I have at my disposal. Midwifery pioneers like Ina May Gaskin have suggested…

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No Prenatal Care and No Empathy

I wish that it was always ignorance, but it isn’t. There is a movement out there right now called “freebirth”, and its full of women that exhaustively looked into child birth options and chose an unassisted pregnancy and birth. Home birth midwives (who are not nurses) teach classes to women wishing to freebirth in order to rake in a few thousand dollars off of this horrendously dangerous practice.


As an OB nurse, one of the most unfortunate and all too often scenarios we encounter is having to take care of women who have had little or no prenatal care.  When they present to our unit, for a moment we hold our breath.  Will this be the patient that escaped any pregnancy-related complications?  Will she deliver a healthy baby, screaming and pink…or will this be the patient that walks in and makes us all scramble? We have all seen horrible outcomes from these scenarios. It’s easy to lose empathy for people who do not get adequate prenatal care.

Growing up, my mother made sure that I never missed a routine doctor’s appointment and she made me get a dental checkup every 6 months.  When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was all of two weeks pregnant, and living in England.  I was not a citizen, and I wasn’t sure when I was coming back to the United…

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Hospitals and Home Births, According to a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Home birth midwives deliver (comparatively) few babies, and few people see more births than an L&D nurse. Listen to the wisdom in this post- things happen, no matter how healthy you are or what measures you take, and being in a hospital is the best way to deal with the aftermath of a complication.



Home births are more common and popular in different areas of the United States. Honestly, my knowledge of home births is very limited. I am only witness to the ones that don’t go as planned, the ones who show up to the hospital when someone is in distress and action has to be taken quickly to prevent additional harm to mother or baby. As a labor and delivery nurse, it is these situations that send a shiver down my back and makes an uneasy feeling settle in the pit of my stomach. I know that there are many home birth stories out there that have a happy ending. The majority of them probably do. What I do know, having been the nurse who had to act quickly to save a mother or a baby who showed up to the hospital when things at home unexpectedly went south, is that no…

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Home birth gurus on facebook part 1

ina may

We start today with the home birth guru Ina May Gaskin and her advice about the vaccine, Gardisil.

Ina may says “Here’s a vaccine that should have never made it onto the market. I’ve read too many of these reports.”

Too bad she hasn’t bothered to fact check the reports she has read, as the source material says that the girl’s autopsy was inconclusive. There is no evidence that the shot killed her. No one knows what did. All we have is one data point of correlation. Oops! I just hope no one ends up with cancer because they listened to her quackery.

Secondly, we have Gloria Lemay:

gloria lemay

“One of the big problems that we have in sorting out cesarean birth stories is that doctors lie to the family/midwife about the “justification” for the c/section in order to avoid criticism and/or lawsuits. The stories always have to be highly dramatic.”

It isn’t as though Lemay is talking about sorting out the data from the doctors or reports, she is talking about sorting out the details based on what the family says. She figures if there is a lot of dramatic explanation the family must have been lied to by doctors.

This is an occam’s razor situation- the likely explanation is that if they are talking to Gloria Lemay and said they had a c-section, she is going to criticize them for their medical decision and therefore the details might get fudged a bit just to get her to shut up about it. I know I would be tempted. Its really none of her business, until she gets an adequate education and presents some type of actual need to dissect if a c/section was “really” needed or not.